Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Halloween Hop-a-long times two!

 Over here in New Zealand, Halloween really isn't such a big deal. Friends moved over here from Canada last year, had their house decked out in decorations, candy by the front door, and not a single soul came a knocking looking for treats to ward off their tricks. My neighborhood is slightly different, I think because there are loads of kids, and because we've happily managed to build a community of sorts. There's a street Halloween party on the 31st, followed by some serious trick or treating. Given that my Mr. One will probably be in bed, I'm not going to be running up and down the road, but happily, I get to celebrate Halloween with you all instead. With the release of A Talon at Her Throat from The Wild Rose Press I'm getting on board their Halloween hop. And because the more the merrier, I'm dropping in with Long and Short Reviews on 31 October at 1pm Est.
To make it all the more interesting there are prizes! Comment here and be in to win a copy of A Talon at Her Throat and The Boss and Her Billionaire. Then check out the links below to hop to other Wild Rose Press authors and win via their blogs or answer more Q&A's with the Long & Short bloggers and win there. Easiest treat ever - and no threat of a trick!
If you could please note "TWRP" or "L&S" in your comment so I know where you've come from that would be super helpful - as I've managed to double wammy blog hop myself this halloween! Sorry if that's confusing, but sometimes you put an offer out in the universe and it comes back times two. Two times the fun though hopefully!
So, I'd love to know what you're up to for Halloween. I'll be dressing Mr. One as a dragon all day, just because I can. What about you? Got your costume organized? Looking forward to hearing from you and sending out book treats soon! I'll let you know the winner of TWRP contest on the 1st & the Long & Short Reviews winner on the 2nd so come on back and check in.

Wild Rose Press Hop Treat Givers:

Thanks for stopping by and happy hopping!

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

When things go bad...

They really go bad don't they? In the past two weeks I have been hammered by food poisoning, "manflu", Mr. One has turned into a dribbling snotmonster and my computer has decided to retire early through over use, though not, of course, within its warranty...sigh. I could use a new head as well as a new computer.
Now that I'm feeling slightly better however, everything doesn't seem as bad and I'm a little embarrassed at my woe-as-meing. I mean no one I know was involved in some horrible car crash, there are no terrifying storms on the horizon and we have enough food to eat and water to drink. What's more, I still get to wake up and be a writer. Hey, cool, you talked me out of it.... ;-)
Halloween is fast approaching and while it's not such a big deal over here in New Zealand, because of all the excitement generated over in the states, I'm kinda caught up in it too. So maybe today I'll think about those who have passed. Characters, heroes, friends and family, my thoughts are with you all this week. Love, light and excellent reading material to you all.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Guest - Emma Shortt

Firstly, congratulations to the winner of last weeks competition: Janie Stevenson. Yep, I'd love to have a hero with soft downy plumage in his nether regions and the strength of giant eagle wings in his arms. Nice. A copy of A Talon at Her Throat is winging it's way to you as we speak.

Today we have prolific writer Emma Shortt stopping by. And her book in a week release Paying her Debt (yep, book in a week!) is only $0.99 for a tiny short while. Grab yours to see what this clever lady can whip out of thin air!
x Michele

A Book in a Week

I wrote Paying her Debt, my erotic, contemporary romance, in a week. Yep, a week.

It came to me in a flash of inspiration and I knew I had to get the story down as soon as possible. So I sat at my computer and I just did not stop writing. Well, okay there were food and toilet breaks but other than that the family were ignored, the house fell apart around my ears and even whilst I slept the plot invaded my dreams.  

Now I’m quite a prolific writer, less than 25,000 words a week and I feel like I’ve slacked off, but this was something else altogether. If I could bottle the energy I felt in that week I’d be well...writing a book a week!

Paying her Debt has been described as an old fashioned romance with some pretty modern erotic elements and I hoped that it would be my first bestseller for Evernight (one of my two publishers). Up until then I’d had a few paranormal romances published but whilst they’d done okay they weren’t setting anything on fire. Paying her Debt did.

It sold more books than anything I’d published before combined and as I watched the sales figures tally up I couldn’t help but think that yes! I would write a book a week.  Goodbye evil day job, hello full time writing.

 Only it doesn’t work like that.

I’ve never again been able to create an entire, fully edited book in such a short time. I’ve come close. On one very memorable day I wrote 15,763 words. Those words were the ending for my post-apocalyptic romance, Waking up Dead (coming late 2013 from Entangled Publishing), and I was ill for days afterwards. But a book in a week – nope it has never happened. I’ve thought about this a lot and tried to work out why I can’t recreate the energy I had in that week and I’ve come to two conclusions. Firstly at that point in my career I was so desperate for something to sell well that I was spurred on to the point of madness, secondly I had a storyline come to me from nowhere - fully formed - and I sort of wanted to write it so I could read it...does that make sense? Of course these reasons don’t help me to do the whole thing over again, but it is fun to wonder! I’d love to hear from anyone else who has managed to write a book in such a short space of time. Where did you get your energy? Can you recreate the process?

And if you’d like to read the product of my week of madness it is on sale right now for just 99 cents at Amazon.com. I’d be thrilled if you’d check it out. Just imagine if I made the Amazon best seller lists with it! It might even spur me on to try for a five day book...you never know!

Happy reading,

Emma x