Tuesday, 16 October 2012

When things go bad...

They really go bad don't they? In the past two weeks I have been hammered by food poisoning, "manflu", Mr. One has turned into a dribbling snotmonster and my computer has decided to retire early through over use, though not, of course, within its warranty...sigh. I could use a new head as well as a new computer.
Now that I'm feeling slightly better however, everything doesn't seem as bad and I'm a little embarrassed at my woe-as-meing. I mean no one I know was involved in some horrible car crash, there are no terrifying storms on the horizon and we have enough food to eat and water to drink. What's more, I still get to wake up and be a writer. Hey, cool, you talked me out of it.... ;-)
Halloween is fast approaching and while it's not such a big deal over here in New Zealand, because of all the excitement generated over in the states, I'm kinda caught up in it too. So maybe today I'll think about those who have passed. Characters, heroes, friends and family, my thoughts are with you all this week. Love, light and excellent reading material to you all.

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