Wednesday, 2 January 2013

New Year, New News

2013. Man, how did that happen? It's been a good one, Mr One turned...umm one. My life as a romance novelist began and I e-met a whole bunch of fab readers and writers who I can now call e-friends...I guess?
I had thought to share my lack of New Year's Resolutions, all the basking in the sun I achieved, the books I read, the champagne I managed to soak up as if by magic. But instead I get to squee with some fab New Year's News, courtesy of Entangled Publishing. The fab international rights team there have sold The Boss and Her Billionaire to the Greek market! It'll be in print and digital format, which is fun too. Now all I have to do is learn some greek....hmmm anyone say Agápe...

With that news, I think I'll hold off waxing lyrical about the sun, the sea and the surf, which have filled my days this last week - yep, I actually had a holiday - not even any cellphone reception. I'm off to get back to writing. Nothing like a burst of good news to remind us what we're passionate about and thus why we do what we do. Thanks for stopping by!
x Michele

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