Saturday, 13 July 2013

September is a coming

It's been a while since I started talking about the next books in the Love on Deck series with Entangled Indulgence - but the follow on from The Boss and Her Billionaire has a release date! September! Woot!
This makes me one happy pregnant lady as baby number two is a coming in October and with all the blogging, happy dancing and pompom welding that comes with a new release, I'm very glad to be getting cracking before I have a tiny little person in my arms again!

I have to say that book two - Love Lost and Found is a little bit special. Partly because it had an amnesia plotline - and I for one, love an amnesia story - although they seem to have gone out of fashion :-( But also because it picks up on Felicity - Michaela's best friend from book one. And, hells, I love her sassy mouth. Oh boy do I love it.
I hope you'll love it too! More when there is more. And just a reminder - all the Indulgence books have had a smexy new makeover. What do you think - here's book one side by side.
x Michele

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