Monday, 10 November 2014

It's the final countdown

Got it in your head yet? It's been in mine all morning. And now there is only one week to go until Red Hot Christmas hits the e-shelves. *runsaroundalittlebitexcited* This is the first venture into indie publishing for me and my badass release besty Carmen Falcone and we're having a bunch of people to celebrate over at our Facebook party on the 17th. So if you're keen to get your naughty on or you need to polish your nice halo, come join myself, Carmen Falcone, Robin Covington, Avery Flynn, Jodi Linton, Talia Hunter, Amy Andrews and Natalie Anderson. I'd offer you all a slice of cake, but knowing these ladies it'll most likely just be beefcake ;-)
Carmen will be doing the dirty dancin for #teamnaughty and I'll be representing all that is good in the world with #teamnice. But dont think that means there isn't a whole bunch of smexy times all round.
So, this Chrismas get ready to be nice...and naughty!

Hope to see you there and happy reading x

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