Thursday, 1 November 2012


Update! By the same super sophisticated process involving me printing out your names and Mr. One playing with them until there was only one left which I used for the previous blog hop, Susan Shapley is the winner of the Long and Short Reviews Blog hop. Congratulations to her and to Becky White, the winner of The Wild Rose Press Halloween Blog Hop!
I really appreciate the time you took to stop by and comment so thanks again, but the rules say I'm only allowed to pick one winner.
I do run competitions here every now and then though so come on by whenever it suits. I'm doing a Q&A with The Romance Reviews later on in the month and there are HEAPS of prizes to be won with that one.

Susan and Becky a copy of The Boss and Her Billionaire and A Talon at Her Throat will be coming your way soonest. Congratulations and I hope you enjoy. Thanks to everyone who stopped by, I hope to see you here again.
x Michele

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