Sunday, 17 February 2013

Sharing the love - Valentines Hop Winner

So the results are in, and all your great suggestions for a title for book two of The Pacific Empress Cruise Series are going into the mix. But because there can only be one winner, I've taken a poll (no, this time I didn't use Mr. One and his skillful winner picking techniques).
For the suggestion of An Affair to Forget, Christine Jensen gets the Amazon Gift Voucher. Way to go Christine.
Thanks for all the suggestions from everyone, like I said, I'll be putting them all in the mix when I talk to my editor. Happy days. And on that front, the book itself  has just gone to my critique partners so they can pull it apart and I'll drag myself off the floor and put it back together again!
In the mean time its onward with book three! Three chapters down and on we go.
Thanks as always for stopping by - hope you had a lovely valentines day. I'll let you know the outcome of the title-a-thon with my editor and of course I'll let you know when I have a date for the release of book two - the sequel to The Boss and Her Billionaire!

x Michele

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