Sunday, 10 March 2013

Sneak peak

So I've sent off the first draft of Book Two of The Pacific Empress series to my fabo editor and now I'm cracking on with book three. I say cracking on, but with the insanely glorious weather we've been having, I have to admit that the words haven't been exactly flying onto the page at the moment...they will, they will. So in the interim I thought I'd share a tiny sneak peak into life back on board. Enjoy and do let me know what you think!
x Michele

"Today she wasn’t going to take any crap from Captain A-hole Atkinson. Staring over the head of her boss and the well stacked minion he’d taken to having tail him all the time, Felicity sought a glimpse of the ocean out the window. Better. She disliked the way the bulk of the ship disrupted the glorious view of Port Villa, but really, there wasn’t much to complain about. Vanuatu was definitely a tropical island paradise, and gazing at turquoise water was way better than having to watch Captain Atkinson’s face pout through his pep talk.
“He really shouldn’t pick such massive bodyguards, makes his short-man syndrome even more obvious,” she whispered to her neighbor.
            “Careful,” the Cruise Director, standing to her, left hissed back.
            Bugger. Felicity almost bit her tongue, literally, as the Cruise Director glared at her. Professional reproach poured off him, his body stiff, his lip stiffer. Bugger again.
            Must. Remember. New Cruise Director. Is. An. Ass.
            Darius Miller was about as far from her friend and the ship’s previous Cruise Director, Michaela Western as it was possible to be. Gangly. Uptight. A complete slave to authority.

Felicity sighed. Working for Adventurer Cruises was supposed to be relaxing for herself as much as for the passengers. Sure it wasn’t exactly a holiday, but it wasn’t massively taxing and when Michaela had been around at least Felicity had been able to blow off a little steam by providing snarky commentary about all and sundry on board. Damn Michaela for falling in love with investment billionaire Dylan Johns, leaving to take on the world at Head Office and have beautiful green-eyed babies.
Felicity sighed again. The new Cruise Director was no eye candy, and he was not a fan of her witty repartee..."

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