Friday, 27 July 2012

Blonde or Redhead?

Ahhh the weekend. (Well here in New Zealand anyways) It means I have someone else at home to look after Mr. Eleven months. And because I had him at the end of last year I haven't done anything with my hair for...oooo too long. Today is haircut day.
This is me in this painting. And I think my hair is a pretty good approximation of what it looks like right now. Sigh.
The heroine Michaela in The Boss and Her Billionaire is a blonde. But in A Talon at her Throat which isnt out till September, Yasmin is a redhead. I think the redhead has more fun. More hot fun.
Maybe it's time for a change.
A change of heat levels for me. Blonde or redhead?
There is talk about the cliche that blondes have more fun and every now and then someone in the media will pop up with an experiment where they dye their hair and check out the reactions. But really? Does it make that much difference? For me as long as I feel hot, I pretty much look hot. To those that I care about anyway. Blonde or redhead isn't so much the point. It's the steam coming out of my ears :-)
But maybe that's just me. Do you colour your hair? Does it make you feel your hottest best? And what colour wins out on the steam stakes for your heroines?

And P.S. Thanks for all the Amazon love! The Boss and Her Billionaire is moving up them rankings. Maybe blonde wins after all.

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