Wednesday, 25 July 2012


Picture That's me. Running. Soaking up the sun. Feeling pretty damn happy with myself that I'm starting, just starting to get into this whole romance writing world. I'm not at the romance writers conference in America (sigh) and I'm still in my PJs, but I've had a good pep talk from fabulous fellow Indulgence author Annie Seaton and the inestimable Bethany Halle. So here it is. My very first blog post.
I promise I'll share more than just my legs with you soon enough. But for now I'm just trying to keep up.
I hope to see you here soon.
Let me know what you love to see and hear on other blogs? Personal stories? Advice? Inspirational quotes? Glorious pix of heroes...?
Be back soon, thanks for stopping by.


  1. Hi Michele, great to see your blog! I personally love blogging and have made some wonderful writer friends that way so I'm all for it. Are you going to the RWNZ conference this year? I'm hoping to see some other Entangled authors...

  2. Hi Jackie,
    I hope to start loving it too. My debut has managed to slam right into travel, a sick child and business. I'm going to miss conference *wrings hands* as we'll be overseas. But I'm super keen to catch up with all the Kiwi Entanglers pronto. Maybe when we're back.


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