Thursday, 26 July 2012

Happy dance - reviews, rankings, and raves.

Okay, so I was going to post something completely different but I woke to an email from Robyn Thomas telling me The Boss and Her Billionaire is at #99 on the Amazon Category Romance rankings. So I'll save my other thoughts till later and continue my happy dance here. Yeay.
For a first timer in the romance world, anything that gives you just a hint of what people are thinking of your book is great. Maybe it means that people out there in the real world are engaged with what you have to say. They're even taking time out to delve into your character's lives and loves.
Of course there is bound to come a time when I'm less enthusiastic about reviews and rankings as I will no doubt read everything, every word good or bad. But even a bad review is something to -- not exactly celebrate -- but something to take notice of. I figure if someone took the time to write a review when they didn't like the book, and especially if they really didn't like the book, then there must be something in it that is going in the right direction. Sounds very high and mighty doesnt it? I even cringe at myself. (And I know there are going to be the professional reviewers who arent exactly taking time out to slash and burn) But surely we write to get a reaction. In romance we want a blissed out escape, the faint glow of post-coital satisfaction, not angry disatisfaction. But a reaction is a reaction. Perhaps it means you put enough into your characters but not enough into the plot to make it satisfying. Or too much into the plot at the expense of your characters. And that's where, if I can take the emotion out of it, I hope the reviews will be helpful. It's all a learning experience.
But enough of all that. Today is about happy dancing. The knowledge that some of you, somewhere, are enjoying what I've written. Thanks!
What do you think? Am I being unbelievably naive? Or just optimistic? I'd love to hear your views.

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