Friday, 24 May 2013

First world problems - little man's first haircut

Okay okay, so I'm being totally irrational about this cute is the little lad on the left? Super? Absolutely. So when I took Mr One and a Half to the hairdresser for his very first haircut, I took this photo, with a plea to do what you can but not too short...
Shortish. But not really short. Longish, but without enough length to do anything with. No real style. No real scruffy appeal. No personality. See. Disaster.
Yes, this rates very low on the scale of disastrous things that will impact on global wellbeing I know, but we're talking first world problems here. You know, of the running out of chocolate scale of things.
His hair will grow back, he doesn't care at all, but I was hoping to avoid the first hair cut blues and not fall into that new mother trap of getting a trim and ending up with a boring cookie cutter. My wee man has been growing out his fab blond locks all his life and everywhere he goes he is complimented on his scruffy surf stylings. Now...I'm tempted to never cut it again!
Any tips on avoiding this next time? If there ever is a next time ;-)
x Michele

UPDATE -  I trimmed the fringe a little and it's looking slightly better. I've also found plenty of do it yourself sites on line so it's time to learn to cut hair (baby). I think ones with photos like this are somehow better than just the video, but if you want to give this a go too, there is plenty of info online.


  1. No advice, but if it didn't take both you and your husband to physically hold him in place while the barber did his thing, you got off lightly. We had several years of that. My first - both of them, really - had a lot of hair, and the haircuts began at 8 or 9 months. He didn't like the sound of the clipper, but sharp scissors around the face don't work too well with a kid who's tossing his body around screaming at the top of his lungs. Fun times!

  2. Ha. Yes Jenna, we did get off pretty lightly I know. We did both go, and did both cajole, but managed to not have to restrain him too much so I know we got off pretty lightly. Mr One and a Half has heeeaps of hair - like well past his shoulders - so I probably should have taken him earlier. But I kinda liked it and now of course the shock is more dramatic. Note to self, calm down, it's hair, it'll grow back.
    Since posting I have re-trimmed the fringe and kinda curled the sort-of's looking better already!
    x Michele

  3. Aww. Poor thing. Haircuts are always a hit and miss with kids. I've been taking my daughter to the same place for years, sometimes the same hairstylist, and it never looks the same! Even when I say, "I want it done just like last time!" Lol. xoxo

    1. I'm feeling a little better about it - luckly he grows hair very fast - thus the need for the haircut in the first place. Time to learn to cut hair me thinks! xxx


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