Thursday, 16 May 2013

Happy three book dancing

Or should that be happy leaping? I'm a bit slow of the bat to post here as I've been laid low, very low, by the most evil of tummy bugs, but I think I can safely say I'm out the other side. Phew. So on with the happy leaping because I signed a new book deal with Entangled Publishing - those lovely folk, those fabulous ninja editors - to write another series for the Indulgence line.
Yeay! *dances and leaps*

The second book in my first series - which I can now officially reveal is called the Love on Deck series, comes out this fall, and book two Love Lost and Found is going to be a goody. Promise.
But this new series steps off the cruise ship. Having said that though, it doesn't stray far from the ocean. That's right, who doesn't love a man dripping in salt water? A man dressed in only board shorts, a man whose body is finely tanned and toned from hours spent in the water...Yep, this next one is a surf series. But rather than the all-action boys club portrayed in Point Break, this series is all about the laaadies. And their men. (Oh I had too much fun dreaming these boys up)

I'll let you know more about release dates and the like when they come to hand, but in the mean time...reminisce a while with me - Ah Keanu, what fun we had...

x Michele

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