Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Fab Four - Indulgence Releases Guest Sofia Harper

As promised, I'm hosting all the other fabulous Indulgence authors from September's release bounty. First up is Sofia Harper - my partner in #SexySurvivor crime. I've asked all writers the same questions - so here we go!

1) Can you give us a description of your September release in four words or sentences.
 HOT KNIGHT IN PARADISE is a light, steamy and snarky romance.

2) Your four favourite indulgences
TV shows are my one indulgence. I will discover a new TV show, or new to me, and gobble it up. I'm still trying to recover from my Dr. Who binge and that's only with the 11th Doctor. Matt Smith, be still my heart.

3) The four women/characters your hero would never date
Marshall wouldn't date someone who couldn't stop to smell the roses. Someone who didn't challenge him mentally. Someone selfish. So, Scarlett O'Hara would be at the top of his list. I personally love Olivia Pope from Scandal. She's smart, witty and a little broken. Marshall wouldn't date her, not because she's all those things but that her life moves at such a fast clip. He used that same boundless and driven ambition. He never stopped to smell the roses. She'd drive him nuts. He wouldn't date anyone from Friends. Honestly, Leah, is the perfect woman for him. The man is picky.

4) The four pick up lines your heroine would never go for.
Imagine my heroine as the Grumpy Cat.
Man: Can I buy you a drink?
Leah: No.
Man: I saw you across the bar--
Leah: No.
Marshall had his work cut out for him.

And about the Book! 
Stranded in paradise with no way to get home, Leah Smith needs a miracle, and fast. Instead, she gets Marshall Jackson, surely the sexiest man alive. Too bad he's got an emotional wall around himself--and her only hope of getting off the island ... Marshall has a strict no damsels in distress policy, but there's something about Leah that makes him want to break his own rules. He agrees to let her work in his bar until she earns enough to get home. But the more time they spend together, the harder it is to deny the scorching attraction between them. Soon hot island nights provide balm to their wounded souls, but will these two flawed exiles make peace with the past in time to claim the future they deserve together--or will paradise be lost?
Get it now.
About Sofia:
Sofia Harper started writing contemporary romance a long, long time ago. When Sofia's not spending time with imaginary people in her head, she's corrupting two little trouble makers. Currently she lives in California where the wine is good. She also going full-throttle on the ride called publishing. These two thoughts are not related.
You can find her on her website, blog, twitter, facebook and goodreads!

The other September releases are all out now so rush off to Amazon, Barnes and Noble and iTunes to get yours! Thanks for stopping by
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  1. :) #TeamMarshall

    Thanks for hosting me on the blog. This release has been a whirlwind. Congrats to my release buddies.

  2. Nope I can't see Marshall and Olivia Pope together. Leah is totally perfect for him. Those two are magic together!


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