Sunday, 1 September 2013

It's the final countdown (cue music)

It's the final countdown (yes, sorry, that song is sooo now in your head). But it's countdown time in the world of Entangled Publishing - the September releases are just around the corner - coming to you on September the 9th! Yehaaa. As promised, I'll be hosting the other Indulgence authors, starting with Sofia Harper on the 10th! Swiftly followed by Hayson Manning and Marisa Cleveland! There will be some Facebook shenanigans - with giveaways galore and in the midst of all this, a wee blog hop with The Romance Reviews team.

 There will also be man candy. Fullstop.
This is not the hero from Love Lost and Found, nor even his inspiration, but he has tattoos, a fine head of dark hair and...well, he's pretty close to my chosen model for Rick McCarthy. Stay tuned. There will be more man candy. And shoe candy. And cake. Yes. Chocolate cake. I think September may become my favorite month of the year....

x Michele

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