Sunday, 29 September 2013

Thank yous!

It's been a crazy September what with putting a book out while being heavily pregnant. So before I actually burst - really truly actually burst - I wanted to say a big THANKS to all of you who have supported me in this time. Whether you bought Love Lost and Found, told someone else to buy it, or just cheered me on -
And just as importantly, it takes a whole bunch of people to make a book. So a big thanks to the fabulous editors (Alethea, Rima Jean and, Laura Anne) publicity team (Misa and kiwi girl Emma), critique partners (Bronwyn, Carmen, Tania and Trudi), support partners (lovely James), twitter cheerleaders (sci-five Evie B) and general ace friends that I have in my life. To the other September release ladies (Marisa, Hayson and Sofia), way to go! Now all I have to do is enjoy the ride of having another book out in the world, and have this baby! But in the mean time, don't forget that I'm all over the net answering questions, and unless I'm actually in labor - I'll be stopping by to chat on all these blogs.

And if you've missed it - Love Lost and Found is ready and waiting to bring you a good dose of seriously happy ever after ;-) on Amazon, Barnes and Nobel and iBooks!

x Happy Reading


  1. Thank YOU, Michele! I don't know if you remember, but you told me to have book #3 done by the time you popped and since I'm only 10K words in, I think this baby is on Team Evie B (my heroe's name is Taryn). Don't worry, wee DeWinton! I'm working as fast as I can. ;-)

    1. Get cracking lady...taryn better be out in the world soon! I don't believe you're working as fast as you can, I know how fast you write.!!! Xx

  2. It was a joy to help with the book! I love the cover. Awesome. Good luck with the new baby, I can't wait to hear about your new addition.


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