Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Cover girl baby or Home is a story

So while I've been away the lovely people at Your Home and Garden have published a big spread on our tree surrounded home. They even liked the green wall in the lounge so much it made the cover! Does that make me a cover girl? Hehe.
These past weeks have been a bit of here there and everywhere - most recently I've popped in over at Romance University (*waves to anyone who has popped over from there*) and I've been overseas staying with the in-laws. All of this combined has made me really appreciate my home. And so I thought I'd share a little of it with you. Here's a behind the scenes look at the cover shoot for Your Home and Garden NZ recently.

It's also made me think about what being home really means to me. It's boiled down to some simple but particularly poignant things.
Home is hot sun, green unfurling fronds, black sand in the hairline, and sharp stinging mosquito bites. Home really, is a story. The fiction we pen to boost our spirits when it's raining, or to celebrate the glory of nature, or the sun, or the wide blue ocean. Home is in the summer emails we write to our poor friends still stuck in a European or North American winter; or in living on the beach, looking at a never-ending blue sky while breakers crash and people smother their burnt sausages in tomato sauce. Home, surely, is where we start from and what we compare everything else to. 

What about you? A friend once told me that home was where ever they slept. Is it that simple for you or do you need more home comforts like me? I'd love to hear your thoughts.
x Michele

If you've missed out on finding where Michaela and Dylan call home in The Boss and Her Billionaire - you can read the first chapter for free here. Thanks for stopping by.

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