Saturday, 11 August 2012

Flying long haul baby.

So after a massive long haul flight across to the other side of the world, the sun has most definitely come out. As we touched down in the UK it was all a bit dispiriting--the horizontal rain didn't make for joyful viewing out of the plane windows. But now with the sun streaming down and my baby all upside down and sleeping when he shouldn't, I'm in that strange half-sleep-fog state where really the only thing I'm good for is reading. Bliss.
I did take notes on the flight, and maybe I'll even use this post as a reference for the article I've been commissioned on taking wee ones one long haul flights. Advice tip number one, load up your ereader with a bunch of tasty Entangled Indulgence titles for when you land...? but as I've only done this once, I wonder who else out in the world has advice on travel with infants. And of course
I have to get back again!
Let me know if you've travelled long haul, what worked and what didnt, and whether romance novels are the best companions for jet lag. Okay, so maybe I know the answer to the last one already...

Just in case you're in need of escape as much as I am, you can read the first chapter of The Boss and Her Billionaire or any other of the great Indulgence titles here.

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