Friday, 3 August 2012

Happy Dancing - Top 50 Baby!

So there's nothing quite like seeing your ratings move is there? Especially when you have a team of cheerleaders by your side! This week has been a fab one for me and The Boss and Her Billionaire, so today is a big thanks to those people who have been jumping and happy dancing all the way. We've made the top 50 on Barnes and Noble people! Sitting at number 48 today!
Cheers, Heather, Robyn, Jackie, Cassandre, and especially Nicola Marsh who is happy dancing herself pretty hard with the success of her Indulgence title too! Go team Entangled.
Then of course are all of you if you've bought the book. Massive thanks all round! You've made this debut authors week.

And to top it off, the Readiacs provided this great review:
"Immediately I was drawn to this because of the ‘role-reversal’ aspect of the novel. She’s the Cruise Director and while his normal investment banker career would have him in charge, he’s at her mercy. I loved it.
First of all, their chemistry? Off the page. Whew. Thank God they were on the water and could’ve jumped off the deck to cool off.
Michaela, I loved. She was burned once and no matter what, she was determined to steer clear of the new hottie on board. I’m grateful her will caved.
Dylan was just… Dylan.  Unf. He’s out of his comfort zone here and while it’s a culture shock to be in a different position, he handles it well. Very well…
Downside, I sang the Love Boat theme song throughout the entire reading."

Classic, I'm humming that theme song now too!

If you havent yet had a chance to check out the book you can read the first chapter free here or here.

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  1. Michele, I am totally stoked for you at how well The Boss and Her Billionaire is selling. I'm looking forward to reading it very soon! xxx

  2. You're very welcome lady and I know you're going to make it to number 1 - I predict!!!

  3. I'm not sure my dreams are capable of that, but I'll happily accept yours! Thanks again so much for everything! Mwah.

  4. Yay, Michele!! So awesome! Happy for you!!!

  5. 48 is a-may-zing!! Congrats and I have everything crossed for it to continue climbing. *squees at the ongoing excitement

  6. Thanks so much Robyn and Jackie! Go down under supporters! x

  7. I just finished reading it and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Can't wait for your next book !! Congratulations Michele!

  8. Thanks so much. Glad you enjoyed it! X


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