Thursday, 30 August 2012

Thanks Universe - what a happy birthday

It was my wee man's first birthday on Tuesday. His FIRST Birthday!!! Yikes. People tell you the time flies and for the first three months of his life I wondered what they were talking about, but now I think I'm starting to understand. Where did that year go!
It was a very eventful day. He took his first step, turned one, we traipsed out to the middle of Dartmoore to hang out near some rocks he's sort of named after AND my book snuck up to #5 on the Amazon Romance Series List!
Epic day.
Lots of happy dancing. In fact when I put the cake in front of him and let him go for it - really go for it - face plant and everything, such was the  joyful belly laughing among all of us that most of the photos have come out blurry. That's gotta be a good sign don't you think?
I love to make cake - you might have noticed that if you've followed any of the other blogs I've been guesting on. And so I finally got to make the sugar free birthday cake I'd been planning. My wee man is super chirpy/smiley/giggly so for him there could be nothing else than a Mr Happy Cake. I'll share the recipe on the Indulgence blog shortly in case you're a Mum like me who is hoping to keep chocolate off your wee one's plate for a little while longer.
But mostly I thought I'd just share what a wonderful joy it was to see him smile. See his daddy smile. And to have him walk (only a couple of steps but still) and get ratings to die for made the day, well, simply wonderful. Thanks universe!
x Michele


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