Friday, 17 August 2012

I think I'm an addict

It's been almost two weeks and I think it's time to admit that I'm addicted. Not to alochol or cigaretts or even chocolate (although some days I wonder about that last one). No, I think it's time to admit that I'm adicted to my laptop.
I'm not sitting at the beach typing away right now, even though it is summer in the UK, where the family have all been brought together after the long haul flight I talked about a couple of days ago. No. It is summer. But it's raining. Pouring to be more exact. And maybe that makes me miss my computer all the more, because if we were at home, and it was raining, and wee man was sleeping like he is now, I'd be off in my own world, meeting new people, introducing them to love and loss and the best sex of their lives...
Happily I've managed to borrow my father in laws machine for a couple of hours and it's almost blissful to be updating this blog, adding things to facebook and twitter without getting frustrated that the keyboard on my ipad wont cut and paste across programmes like I want it to.
It's a bit sad isnt it? It's okay. You can be honest.
But because this is borrowed time as it were I wanted to let you know where else I'll be popping up (thanks to my ipad and perhaps an internet cafe or two) over the next week or so.

A quick blog tour update:
On the 17th of August I'll be doing double time interviews:
First over with Jennifer - then with Autumn
On the 18th I'll be with the Passionate book Divas
On the 20th I'll be with everyone who loves a good beverage with their book - over at Cocktails and books
On the 21st I'll be chatting romance and seduction with Kaidans Seduction
On the 22nd I'll be with fellow antipodean Annie Seaton
And on the 23rd I feel very priviledged to be popping in for a spot with the Romance University Professors!

I'd absolutely love to hear from you and you might be lucky enough to win a copy of The Boss and Her Billionaire from a couple of those blogs, so do stop by and say hello!
In the mean time I'm having to take a forced detox and step away from the keyboard...sigh. I'll be checking in on my ipad, but it's just not the same, one finger typing and all that!

Thanks and happy reading!

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